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Are you a Startup wanting to connect in the ecosystem of Venture Capital?


With SIGMA you can Grow your business within our community

With our App , we connect you with the best investors to grow your startup, using smart technologies that allow us to match you with the best coincidences (above 90%)


We CONNECT Startups with angel investor networks, Venture Capital Funds, Family Offices, and Private Equity funds through our vast network of contacts and information.

Find the right investors interested in your business with SIGMA, the intelligent and simple way to secure resources for your startup.


With our huge community we position your startup within the venture capital ecosystem.


Works for entrepreneurship and business development, which is why our rates are differential as part of our contribution to the Ecosystem.


We do more conscious, efficient, and effective connections, in few words: WE DO MATCH between investors’ interests and startups’ profiles, reducing frustration rates and enhance the probability of success for both parties (founders and investors).


Our value proposition is rooted in an analysis based on both technical and subjective metrics, ensuring that entrepreneurs introduced to investors meet at least 90% of their investment thesis. This approach increases the likelihood of aligning needs with investment opportunities and increases connections effectively.

Are you a Startup wanting to connect in the ecosystem

of Venture Capital?
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Investment Match

We assist in the preparation of the startup, directing it towards an adequate capital-raising conversation.


Pitch and Business Strategy

Business model consultancy and structuration.

Support in contract negotiation.

Pitch mentoring, and Pitch Deck / Investment Teaser design.


Financial Consultancy

Valuation of startups under different methodologies.

Debt and capital restructuring.

Financial readiness assessment.

Legal Consultancy

Technical, legal, and financial structuring of companies.

Legal and financial due diligence.

Incorporation of SPV (Delaware, BVI, Cayman, Florida, Spain).

About Our Team

The SIGMA team is strong and complimentary, with a track record on company and startup scale-ups and exits.

With a strong expertise in structuring projects, in Financing, in FinTech,  Tech

Carolina Molano Sarria

Carolina Molano Sarria

Experienced strategist and Startups' mentor; with an important record of success. supporting the construction of their business plans / models and Pitch to raise investment; to date, she has supported more than 300 founders being mentor in entities such as the Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá, Colombia Fintech, Corporación Ventures, CleanTech Hub, Start Path (MasterCard), among others. She also has more than 12 years of experience directly helping large corporations to increase their efficiency, profitability, growth, and market success. Founder of Mujeres en Fintech. MeF. MBA in Finance from the Complutense University of Madrid.
Alexandra Baquero

Alexandra Baquero

Lawyer with emphasis in Finance and Investment Banking. Specialist in Financial Law, LLM at London School of Economics. Partner of the investment banking firm Strategas and the company SIGMA. More than 20 years of experience in investment banking, participating in the linking of private capital in various companies as well as in the valuation and structuring of projects. She has been a member of the boards of directors of ISA -Intercambio Eléctrica S.A, of ISAGEN, of the Central Insurance Company. Startup Mentor, and university professor in various subjects including structuring, valuation, and negotiation of shareholdings.

Jose Ruiz

Senior Analyst
Professional in Finance and International Trade, specialist in Management Financial, more than 8 years of experience accompanying companies and Startups in their process of financial formalization and application of technologies, University professor in administrative and accounting sciences.

Giuliet Dacosta Ordóñez

Experienced strategist and mentor to businessmen and entrepreneurs; with an important record of success. supporting the construction of your plan/model business and Pitch to raise investment; To date, it has supported more than 300 ventures such as Mentora with entities such as the Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá, Colombia Fintech, Corporación Ventures,

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